Nathan Towle - artwork - code - games - etc

Hello there! I'm Nathan, an aspiring visual artist and painter with a healthy set of digital skills. I've worked with traditional media as well as digital painting and 3D modeling, and have also taught myself to program in C++ and Lua.

You can find out more about me on my blog, Deviantart page, or Google+.


If you'd like to give me money, I can be contacted through Twitter, Skype, and . Phone conversations are available by arrangement.






I also helped create concept art for the open-source RPG Dungeonhack.

In 2012, Blendenzo, John Allie, and I created a zombie-themed game called Brought 2 Life for the Christian Developers Speedgame competition. It placed second!

3D printing

As it happens, I've also dabbled in 3D printing. If you want to see some of the things I've created, you can go here.

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